Hey, Zeus!

Silent letters have always perplexed me. As a huge proponent of the English language, I can’t help but consider them my friends, but it’s more like in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” sort of way. Why name her “Sarah” when you can name her “Sara”? Why is it a “gnat” instead … Continue reading Hey, Zeus!

Summer School English

Today was the first day of summer school, and for the third straight year I am teaching during the summer. It’s definitely an interesting thing, having students who have all failed more than one subject during the school year, but very few of them actually failed English (my subject matter). That makes it strange, teaching … Continue reading Summer School English

In Tongues

“But I don’t speak Russian,” he told her as he looked at the sign above what appeared to be a tavern. She looked at him in puzzlement because it seemed she only spoke Russian. Shaking her head, she tried a different approach to get him to understand. “Я хочу вам правильный путь. Я хочу вас, … Continue reading In Tongues