Dear Journal: If I Were King

martin-luther-king-jr-nywtsDear Journal,

I have a dream too. It’s not all-encompassing, and it really serves no bigger purpose. But it’s a dream nonetheless. Everybody has a dream, I guess, and yet so many of us are still sleeping. Wake up, and experience the realization of the dream. Because the dream is nothing without the follow-up.

I need to wake up.

You know those lucid dreams, the ones where you believe you’re awake but you’re still fast asleep? We somehow convince ourselves that life has moved on, that we’re advancing when we’re in fact in some sort of stasis. I’m really good at that. I think maybe that gives me an excuse to get nowhere, running to stand still as it were. I wake long enough to realize the light is filtering in through the window, and I turn back over again.

But if I were King…

If I were King I would climb a mountain just to look over the edge and freak out at the distance to the ground. If I were King I would get dragged away because I couldn’t stop myself from caring. If I were King I would make those dreams real, standing up and making things happen. If I were King I would put on my marching shoes and lead a revolution. If I were King I would stay away from hotel balconies.

I would soar, and never come down.


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