I am broken and scarred Left behind by too many Stranded by the roadside Of apathy and chagrin Between these two extremes Shackled to a burning tree That is never consumed And a rainbow never blooms Even though the storm is gone Replaced by a Judas kiss Bloody in its welcome Sheltered under this twilight … Continue reading Broken

Handy Man

Handy man, I am not. Today I found out just how unhandy (word?) I can be when it comes to trying to fix the proverbial “stuff.” I never learn, I guess. It all started when I was copying last weekend’s Eagles’ game to DVD and the recorder just died on me. One minute it was … Continue reading Handy Man

Still Water

We fit like puzzle pieces All flat edged in places Bowed out in others Concave in sections Roughly shoved together That predictable reaction With its ebbs and flows Now we are at even tide As stagnant as still water Buoyant like white sand Pressed flatly together Breathing shallow and rushed Braced for a new beginning … Continue reading Still Water