The Death of Books


I am sitting in Barnes & Noble, a place I haven’t been in an awfully long span of time. This used to be my hangout, of course, with its rows upon rows of books spread out toward the horizon, as far as the eye could see. So why haven’t I been here in so long? Life happened, and it has taken me along with it. But I’m here now, soaking up the atmosphere and wondering how I can do this more often. A sigh just escaped my lips at the prospect.

Of course it’s not the same, though, not how it used to be. In the old days the side area by the windows was full of comfortable chairs, ambience if you will. And over by the entertainment section there were more soft, cushy chairs that invited people to sit and stay a while. In fact, it wasn’t unheard of to laze away an entire afternoon or even a whole Sunday relaxing in those chairs and reading my life away. So refreshing. Now there are three of those such chairs, and the culprit… the Nook.

In the exact middle of the store now is a section that has been hollowed out, displacing rows upon rows of books, as well as those extra chairs that created such an atmosphere that I thrived on. And I understand why they did it. I do. Obviously books aren’t selling like they used to, those physical behemoths with spines and that fresh book smell. They’re losing out to so many other types of media, including the eBook, and Barnes & Noble saw the writing on the wall. They jumped in with both feet, and the results are evident.

And I mourn the loss of those books that were displaced by the revolution.
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