Living Those Moments

There are many things that inspire me, from a gorgeous sunrise, to an exchange with a friend, to a brilliant turn of phrase, to a burst of genuine laughter. But what inspires me the most are those moments of spontaneity that can’t possibly be rehearsed or constructed beforehand, those times that I know can’t possibly … Continue reading Living Those Moments

Sidewalk Chalk

My ladies are outside, where they feel at home. I can see them through the living room window enjoying themselves in the dying rays of the Monday afternoon sun. Heidi is raking sand from the edge of the property, left over from the snowplow as it drove through here on autopilot all winter long. Sand … Continue reading Sidewalk Chalk

Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye

Bridge by Monet

Art is subjective, and it always has been. Don’t get me wrong, you can look at a piece of art objectively, and I’ve done it many times, but somehow it feels wrong to do that, like I’m denying the power of the art by breaking it down to its essential non-essential elements, like thickness of paint strokes and such.

I took a history of art class once, a long time ago, and I remember the instructor telling us about lines, about perspective, and about artist motivation. Artist motivation! I thought it was funny then and I think it’s even funnier now. Even artists don’t always know what their motivation was for creating a work of art, so why should we, once, twice, or thrice-removed from that artist? I like art because it connects with me on some level, and that’s it. Continue reading “Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye”