That Nintendo Magic

I’m facing off against a giant turtle, like something from the Galapagos, but with a studded back that can kill me. It shoots lasers of flame from its open maw and grunts on occasion. Yeah, I should have absolutely no chance against it, but I’m determined to defeat this hybrid beast, even if it means … Continue reading That Nintendo Magic


My first stop in YoVille.

Did you know I used to be a billionaire, amassing a massive fortune in a short amount of time, staying up until all hours of the night to do so, and at the same time forging a series of connections with other billionaires that helped us all get even richer? And I did it all from the comfort of my own desk chair.

I used to play YoVille all day every day. Back in 2009 that was my world more than this world was. Indeed, the first thing I did every morning was sign into Facebook so I could open my YoStore or go into a YoAuction House, even though my time was limited. Then it was off to real work, but I would be thinking all day about what was going on in YoVille without me. As soon as I got back home I would log back in and operate my YoVille avatar until deep into the night, way past the time I was supposed to be asleep.

I lived in a haze back then brought about by a massive addiction to a virtual world. And it started innocently enough when I saw a small ad on the side of my Facebook page. Then I began getting requests from friends to help them out in this place called YoVille. I had heard of people getting addicted to FarmVille, but YoVille seemed to hold more promise for me. So I clicked on the link and there was no looking back.

At first I just wandered around the random YoVille town, talking to other people’s avatars and working at the factory to make a little money to live on. After a while I amassed enough to buy some goods and furniture at the store to spruce up my place so I could invite others over. That’s when I should have realized it was only going to be an avalanche from there. Back then I only went on every few hours to work at the factory, to buy a couple of items, and then log off again. Before long, though, I got hooked on the conversations with others I would come across in the streets of the YoCity. Continue reading “YoVille”

I Never Played I Never

I love it when I see movies and TV shows where the characters either are young or they get all nostalgic about their youth and they mention games they played at parties. These games consisted of ways to get, uh, close and personal, with the opposite sex. I often wonder who was fooling whom, or who thought the games were little innocent games, but I have to think at least the guys knew what was happening. But I would have to take everyone’s word for it because I never played any of those games.

The Games

Twister – This one looks hilarious on the box, with someone’s leg over someone else’s arm, a twisted torso here, an elbow swinging out wide there. What the game does is gets people close enough to kiss if they were so inclined, the physical proximity possibly dizzying for the kid who never got in too much close contact with the opposite sex. Continue reading “I Never Played I Never”

Goats on YouTube

What is with all the goats on youTube today? At least, that’s all I’ve seen in my Facebook newsfeed. There is this Taylor Swift video where she’s singing to and with goats for her song, Trouble. Bahahahaha. And a compilation of goats yelling like humans. It’s maddening, really, how these videos can go viral. It … Continue reading Goats on YouTube