Dear Journal: Solitary

Dear Journal, It was quite an experience driving home today from Philadelphia by myself. The car is usually so full of noise on that trip — the sounds of iPad games, of videos, of music through the stereo speakers, and of off-and-on conversation — that I can’t hear myself think while I drive, but this … Continue reading Dear Journal: Solitary

Breaking the Law

Something about having my car inspected gives me the heebie jeebies. I’m sure it probably has something to do with my tortured mind. I mean, what if there’s something wrong with it, so it won’t pass inspection until I get it fixed. And what if that something wrong is really four things wrong, and each … Continue reading Breaking the Law

Road Raging

You know there are way too many crazy drivers on the road these days. From the old people who drive like mad with their hands gripping the steering wheel like it’s grim death to the youngsters in red cars who always seem to be tailgating you. And every one in between. Sometimes I feel like … Continue reading Road Raging