By Pale Lamplight (Inspired by a Leonid Afremov painting)

The soft rain, invisible to the naked eye Falling gingerly down from heaven Genteel in its muted cacophony Painting the street a somber gray Filling in the subtle mid-vales With shallow pools reflecting light Trailing in their wake This young couple, heedless Passing under dull lamps Posted sentinels announcing fair Pale umbrella shielding hair Every … Continue reading By Pale Lamplight (Inspired by a Leonid Afremov painting)

Straight Lines (A Poem)

Straight lines Going nowhere And everywhere All at once Burning like fire Shut up in my bones Aching to be free Yet dreamless Born from ashes Consumed by light Radiantly glowing Constantly shifting Always in pain Straight lines Going places And yet nowhere At the same time The epitome of art In an artless world … Continue reading Straight Lines (A Poem)