Dead Words

Words strung together like beads Sliding in unison on a thin wire Rusty with woebegone decay Hanging like shards of glass From a window shattered and torn This incandescent shadow Hiding in the light of day Speaking without consequence A muttering of well-worn phrases Meant to intimidate by repetition These bullies of stolid syntax Impassive … Continue reading Dead Words

Breaking Even

Have you ever had one of those days when you know you’re supposed to be doing something important, but you just can’t get yourself started? There are so many things these days to keep our interest, from our phones, to the perennial TV, to tablets, to… I realize I’ve just listed several screens. That’s it, … Continue reading Breaking Even

Six For Saturday

We just returned from the Olive Garden, and even though it’s not authentic Italian food it was still damn good. Heidi had these gift cards burning a hole in her pocket so I suggested we take the kids today and do something about them. So we did, we had a blast, and we have an … Continue reading Six For Saturday

I Met This Girl…

I met this girl on the ferry headed toward Camden. New Jersey, that is. Her name was Donna, or Dana, or Denise. We were both headed somewhere that would be loud, on a ship with a couple hundred people we didn’t know who were going for the same reason. There was this band. There was … Continue reading I Met This Girl…