What the Ground Revealed

The street was longer than most, I always thought, as I walked down the unending sidewalk that wasn’t even broken up by cracks from normal wear and tear. It seemed to stretch into tomorrow with its meandering gait that was anything but straight. And I walked it every day on my way to buy orange … Continue reading What the Ground Revealed


A window Open to the breeze Falling in on papers As they scatter And slide apart A boy chases them As they dance Some near and some far Crumpled by small hands White as snow Focused on their task Instead of his meal Noontime and lazy Left on the table Falling apart His mother praying … Continue reading Memories

Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

This one’s a classic.

When I was young, I couldn’t stand my sister, Joy, for a multitude of reasons. First, she was older than me, so she felt like she could lord it over me from sunup till sundown. Secondly, she was outgoing so she made friends easily, which was something I was hard-pressed to do. In fact, my only real friend from birth until eighth grade was one boy who I thought felt sorry for me, or some of my sister’s friends who also seemed to feel bad for me.

Because she was older than me (by fifteen months), Joy was always in the grade ahead of mine, and because we went to a small school where each grade level was taught by one teacher, she would always get the same teachers right before I got there. And saying that Joy was good in school was a massive understatement. I lost count of all the times, on the first day of each school year, when the teacher would look at me, look at my last name on the sheet, and have this look on his/her face that said, “Oh, you’re HER brother!” Then, when I wasn’t as motivated as she was, they would shake their heads and make tsking sounds, like I had disappointed them. Continue reading “Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection”

Paper Work

Now, why exactly did I bring this schoolwork home? I honestly have no clue. Maybe I thought I was going to find some time this weekend to actually get it graded so I could get it back to the students on Monday. But I think from the start that I was really totally deluding myself, … Continue reading Paper Work

“I Do It!”: Potty Training and Patience


My youngest peed on the couch today, and the war of potty training continues with her having won this round. I saw her wander out into the dining room, casual and unassuming, and then I noticed her rather wet-looking underpants, whereupon her older sister came out of the living room screaming, “Maddie peed on the couch! Maddie peed on the couch!” Now imagine the strangled cry of a cat whose tail has been stepped on and you’ll be able to envision my wife’s reaction to this shocking news. Needless to say it was not good.

What kills me is that sometimes she is good, very very good, when it comes to using the potty at the prescribed times and in the prescribed potty area. The potty area includes the toilet and its surrounding effects. It used to just be the toilet itself, but by the eighth time she used the floor directly in front of the toilet we acceded that area to her. There was no longer any use fighting it. At least she had held out long enough to be “almost” to the potty, so giving that to her was a win-win. What isn’t a win-win is when she refuses to tell us before she goes. Continue reading ““I Do It!”: Potty Training and Patience”