Seeming Fair

It was never fair to you Everything I was Everything I said All that I wished Tattered and worn But you never wanted more You only wanted me Scars and all Each revelation maddening Every truth revealing The real me It was never fair to you How I wooed you from the start Somehow capturing … Continue reading Seeming Fair

Theodicus Sayings, Part 3

“A dream is a collection of words unwritten.” “The perfect trap is designed by fools, victorious over the supposed wise, and avoided by animals.” “You are truly free when it costs nothing to be your friend.” “A pattern which never repeats is not a pattern after all.” “Tomorrow is just yesterday, waiting to happen.” “To … Continue reading Theodicus Sayings, Part 3

The Somber Sea

This too shall pass A keening in my soul Flagrantly imprecise Yet bold as ice Transfixed by nature The cycle unchanged As fluid as a fire Raging in my savage soul But failing all this A work of art Splashed on the page In black and white Grey intoxicants Cruel inhalation Haggard and dry Broken … Continue reading The Somber Sea