Sunday Shuffle

videos-musicales-de-los-90-nirvana-smells-like-teen-spiritMusic has always been my first love, so it’s always almost therapeutic for me to listen to songs that resonate, or that bring me back to an early time in my life, when I first discovered music. During my series of “Shuffles” I’ve been getting back to listening to songs in a random order on my iPod, and it’s been an interesting journey to say the least. So, here is the latest, my Sunday Shuffle…

1. Lucky Town – Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes was the voice of Savage Garden, that 90s group that gave us such anthems as “I Want You,” “I Knew I Loved You,” and “Truly Madly Deeply.” I miss that group, actually, but Hayes’ voice holds up very well in his solo career as well. This song is one of the special ones.

2. Get Down Like That – Ne-Yo
3. B*%ch Please – Snoop Dogg (feat. Xzibit)

I always love it when Snoop Dogg shows up on a shuffle because I know I’m always guaranteed some good  beats when it comes to the big Dogg.

4. On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful (Live) – Kenny Chesney

This one was the first time Kenny Chesney ever played this song live, so it’s an amazing performance, a once-in-a-lifetime deal. I’ve always liked this song from the album, too, so I was glad it came on. It was good to groove to while I was writing my previous blog entry.

5. Stand Up Comedy – U2

Listening to this song, from the most recent U2 album, just makes me hungry for the new album, which I think will be coming sometime in the summer, hopefully. Getting to hear the new songs “Ordinary Love” and “Invisible” just make me excited as well.

6. * – Pearl Jam

An instrumental piece that ends way too soon.

7. Trapped in the Drive-Thru – “Weird Al” Yankovic

A parody of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet,” this one is nearly as funny as the original version, or at least as funny as it gets after chapter 7 or so. The song rambles for over 8 minutes, and when I say rambles, I mean really rambles. But it maintains its humor throughout, especially with the surprise ending.

8. Across the Universe (Live from the 2005 Grammy’s) – U2, et al
9. All Because of You (Live) – U2

Honestly, it rarely if ever happens, having so many U2 songs show up in a shuffling of my iPod, even though U2 is represented the most in my overall collection. That’s the glory of being truly random, huh?

10. Tinsel Town – Seal

To tell you the truth, the title of this song always makes me think of Christmas, but the song itself isn’t at all a Christmas song, in lyrics or in music. It is instead a classic Seal tune that fits very nicely on his fourth record.

11. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

The anthem that reminds me the most of my teenage years, it is the first “grunge” song I ever heard, and one of the first videos I ever saw on MTV.

12. Pretty – The Cranberries
13. Workin’ Day and Night (Live) – Michael Jackson

I think a lot of people don’t realize just how dynamic Michael Jackson was on the stage, and this version of one of his hit songs is from the Victory tour with his brothers from the early 80s.

14. Peace on Earth/Walk On (Live) – U2
15. Weak – SWV
16. Here Comes the Bride – Spin Doctors

“Something old. Something new. Something borrowed and something blue.”


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