Water Cooler Musings: On Traveling

10 thoughts on “Water Cooler Musings: On Traveling”

  1. “…the more you travel the more you experience.” Yup. And I agree that it’s better to travel with someone, but I’m all for traveling alone, too, if you have to. You meet people everywhere you go!

    1. You meet people in your everyday life too, of course. I think sometimes we forget that we can get to know others in our own backyards just as well, and they can be just as interesting as anyone elsewhere.

      1. I’ve never forgotten that, Sam. You are so right. But I *do* think there is a huge benefit to taking a step back from one’s own culture and being immersed in another. There is a perspective and an understanding that just can’t gained elsewhere.

      2. Agreed, Jess. But one’s own culture is also related to individual circumstance. For example, I really stepped outside my culture moving to Tennessee.

      3. A valid point, to be sure. It was a shock for me, too, when I arrived in Tennessee. But moving to Taiwan took shock to a whole new level.

  2. It’s relative. Would you argue that Italy doesn’t count as a separate country for someone in France? Even one part of France to another can be quite different.

    1. I would argue that every little town and village is a whole other world in and of itself. There is so much culture inherent in every small facet of society it is incredible. Oh, and everyone knows Italy is better than France. 🙂

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