The Tevin Campbell Syndrome

10 thoughts on “The Tevin Campbell Syndrome”

  1. So weird. I was just thinking about this today. I went into Guitar Center to ask for a job and play piano for a little while because mine has all gone to shit. I played a few of my songs, quietly. Out of the way.

    I got a little self-conscious, though. I should have waited to ask about the application thingy until I had done what I wanted anonymously. I left sort of feeling…little fish in a big pond. Like I have the ability and sometimes I love my writing and my music, and sometimes I think it’s all shit and why does anyone even read/listen to it?

    1. Interestingly enough, Tevin Campbell just finished a wonderful stint on Broadway where his performance was lauded. He still has the skills, and he is trying to get others to appreciate them again. It might not be the way he hoped it would be, but it’s a start.

      What you need is a start. I love your writing, and I wish I could hear your music. And I know I’m not alone. It’s not shit. But you have to believe it. And do something about it.

      1. I want to be open to starts. Like, any start, even if it looks unfamiliar or just not the way I wanted it. I feel like it is that thing where the universe is doubled over in the corner laughing at you because you want something SO damn bad and it is not going to give it to you simply for that reason. Yet, anyway.

      2. Yet, things change. People change. The universe changes. Your moon moves into Uranus. It happens. It’s all about making it the right time, seeing that it’s the right time, and making it happen. If you’re always open, you’re always ready, and you’re never frustrated because you’re BEING.

      1. I had a lot of things I wanted to say here like, thank you, and that was so nice, and I never sweat details except when I sweat that I don’t sweat details…

        But really. My soul doesn’t feel beautiful. It feels crumpled, like it just hatched out of an egg and now everything looks big and scary and it doesn’t know which way to go.

        Is that really weird, not to mention detailed, personal information talk about?

      2. Our souls are complicated, indeed. And the feelings you have are so valid and so relevant. I used to do dream analysis, and it all came down to the things we focus on, but not our conscious. Our subconscious. Those are the things that are important, the things that drive us insane, and we don’t even know it. I feel communion with your soul. I know how that feels. I’m sending you a soul hug.

        I’m here for you. And maybe you should sweat the details. πŸ˜‰

  2. My dreams make me sad lately. I am still reeling from the aftereffects of something that makes me question. That makes me…well, just sad sometimes. Unsure. More guarded.

    I’m soul-hugging you back : )

    1. Might I ask what event makes you question, and makes you sad sometimes? Thank you for the return soul-hug. Those are the best!

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